Hardwood flooring does not only incorporate a hint of elegance to your property, but it also makes your living space appear bigger, depending on the wall color and décor. Regardless if you like to have a stained or natural wood color, you must look for wall colors that suit your design and hardwood floors well. Below is a list of the greatest wall color choices that bring out your floor’s aesthetics.  

Light hardwood color options 

Neutral paint colors are the best in perfectly complementing your light hardwood floors. Colors, such as grey or white, could be a great addition contingent to what area or room you want to repaint. If you’re planning to achieve a simple look, you can go with white color for your trim and walls to emphasize your floors more even if they have wood undertones. Once you choose neutral shades, you’re also allowing your area to suit with different accent colors every season all throughout the year. 

Cherry hardwood color options 

If you own cherry hardwood floors or your floor has a few reddish undertones, aim to incorporate some contrast with soft yellow or apricot wall color. There’s a lot of room to work with. Hence, attempt to search for shades that are on the color wheel’s opposite side or muted tones. 

If you love color, then you can go and try painting your walls with a beautiful shade of green or blue. This option could completely match the cherry hardwood floor’s rich tone. 

Dark hardwood color options 

Dark hardwood floors are great flooring option since it screams sophistication and elegance in any property. Usually, dark hardwood floors create spaces to appeal cozier and smaller. Hence, any color that has a gold undertone or any bright color can perfectly complement your home.  

Furniture options 

You have to guarantee that the look that you’re aiming for is the look that you really want. If you have a few furniture within your home, you should consider that as a guide and base it on your new wall color. You must refrain from using similar shades of colors with your furniture. Instead, look for colors or tones that contrast both your furniture and your floors. Contact Lynn Painters today. 

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